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 Flight Academy 


Learn To Fly!

Learning to fly an airplane is somewhat more complex than learning to drive a car. That’s because you must control altitude (up and down) in addition to left-right movement. Because of this dynamic you will experience more exhilaration since you have the freedom of three-dimensional movement, greater speed and spectacular panoramas.

Aircraft Rental

Have some place you want to you go but need a plane to get there? We have just what you need! 


We now offer flight training financing through Pilot Finance, Inc.  Ask us about financing your training education through this company that whose only financing business is helping students attain their goals from private certificate thru ATP.


Affordable, easy and flexible terms.  Check it out!

Pilot Supplies

Red River Flight Academy offers a complete line of pilot supplies (Jeppesen, Gleim, ASA, David Clark, and much more) including headsets, log books, aircraft supplies, study guides, books, navigation charts, flight bags and more.

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