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 Maintenance & Repairs 


Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs

Red River Aircraft Repair LLC provides comprehensive maintenance, upgrade and modification services for all general aviation aircraft, including complete annual inspections, 100 hour inspections and all required maintenance in accordance with manufacturers specifications and applicable FAA regulations. In addition Red River Aviation provides the following services:

  • Major and minor repairs and alterations

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • STC kits and modifications

  • Computer AD research

  • Exhaust system repairs and modifications

  • Engine installations and repairs

  • Oil analysis

  • STOL kits and conversions

  • Second opinion and quote counselling


Our annual inspection service includes complete inspection in accordance with manufacturers specifications, full AD compliance search & report, spark plug inspect/clean/gap, oil screen inspection (where applicable), oil filter remove/replace, *crankcase oil drain/refill, wheel bearing overhaul and lube, and lubrication of all required points.

The following services are included in our ANNUAL or 100 HOUR **inspection flat rates:

  1. Removal/installation of panels and cockpit access

  2. Inspection of aircraft per FAR 43, appendix D requirements and/or manufacturer inspection guide

  3. Visual AD's (not requiring maintenance to complete them)

  4. Oil change labor

  5. Cleaning plugs labor

  6. Cleaning injector labor

  7. Compression check labor

  8. All filter element replacement labor

  9. Wheel bearing inspection/repack labor

  10. Cleaning fuel bowl(s)/ screens labor

  11. Landing gear retraction/rig check

  12. Service shimmy dampener

  13. AD search (provided there is an adequate previous compliance report)

  14. Checking cable tensions

  15. Testing/Inspecting ELT (annual)

  16. Pre and post inspection run-up for systems check

  17. New aircraft log portfolio (if needed), set-up by and compliments of Red River Aircraft Repair

  18. Battery service and clean

  19. Check magneto timing

  20. **Exhaust inspection Non-Removal (pressure-most aircraft)

  21. Brake inspection

The current flat rate for labor is $85.00 per hour, except for after-hours or offsite work. Please call us (Tel: 580 482 4288) to schedule an appointment for direct quotes.  If you have questions about your specific aircraft and what's included, please contact us directly.

*Crankcase oil and filter costs are itemized separately.

**Exhaust Removal Inspection is subject to Labor Rate charges.

***Note that these fees cover inspection services only and that any repairs required to comply with inspection criteria may add to your cost. Airworthiness Directives (AD) which are required for compliance may also incur further cost.

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