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 Flight Training 


Flight Training Initiative

Learning to fly an airplane is somewhat more complex than learning to drive a car. That’s because you must control altitude (up and down) in addition to left-right movement.

Because of this dynamic you will experience more exhilaration since you have the freedom of three-dimensional movement, greater speed and spectacular panoramas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the governmental agency that governs pilot privileges and sets the requirements for flight certification. Two of the requirements to receive your certification (license) are passing a knowledge (written) test and a practical (flight) test. Red River Flight Academy is here to train you for completing these requirements.

Our flight training is taught by our own highly experienced and talented instructors, whether you are seeking your private, commercial, instrument or CFI rating.

FAA requirements to achieve a private pilot certificate FAA regulation requires a minimum of 40 flight hours before your FAA examination flight including 10 hours of solo time and passing your ground school course.

Student assimilation time of training facts, knowledge and technique vary from person to person, however, a good estimate for the average student would require 45 hours of plane time, both dual and solo and 50 hours of ground schooling.

Students may pay-as-you-go or elect to purchase a course package.  Financing arrangements are available also.

Meet our experienced and certified instructors:


Russ Keith
Chief flight instructor - CFII, MEI    


Rick Sheetz

Assistant Cheif flight instructor - CFII, MEI, ATP

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